Pathfinder: Hell's Rebels

Act 2

From the Revolutionary Journals of Caden of the Silver Schollars

Appendix A: Members of the Revolution

Amongst the leaders of the various stages of rebellion, one unparalleled individual continues to stand out. Though history has latched on the title ‘Queen of Spades’, evidence suggests that she preferred the name Gravedigger. Thus one code phrase used by supporters became: The Gravedigger’s out tonight. Or alternately: She’s out digging graves. It is told these various monikers arose from her choice of weapon, that of a silver shovel of justice wielded in the name of Kintargo.

She exists in the records as a woman without a name, having cast it aside. Rumor persists that her name was so horrible to speak, and her deeds so steeped in blood, that those who learned her name and uttered it were struck dead on the spot. These fanciful tales hold NO basis in fact. Rather she abandoned her name in what logic suggests to be a futile attempt to keep those in her past safe. With the full might of the Prince of Lies at their disposal, rational thought tells us that her friends and family were slaughtered to a man. This did nothing but fuel her rage and the swing and crack of her shovel on bone was heard throughout the revolution. Of course, her name remains lost to history.

This humble scholar, dear reader, proposes the honorific ‘Knight of the Shovel’ as an alternative to these more grizzly names. For it is only with her help that the present day Kintargo was founded.



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