Pathfinder: Hell's Rebels

Session 1

From the Revolutionary Journals of Caden of the Silver Schollars

It seemed quite provocative that Barzallai Thrune would attack his own population only a week after taking power. But such I observed on the eve of what was to come. After proclaiming the cut-off of trade, the life’s blood of the city, Kintargo’s new ruler seemed to declare either a complete lack of political awareness, or as it turned out, an alternate motive entirely.

The soon-to-be leaders of the revolution were there on that day. They saw what I saw. They heard what I heard. But unlike me, they acted and put into motion all the events that followed. Some of what follows in these pages was learned only after the revolution reached its historic end. Some is conjecture on the part of your humble author, combining reports, personal accounts, and logical thought to fill in the gaps of what was directly witnessed. I welcome you, dear reader, to follow their paths as I did and learn from their example.



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