• Octavio Sabinus – lictor of the Torrent order of Hellknights
  • Hetamon Haace – tailor of the Devils Threads and prelate of Milari in Kintargo
  • Mialari Docur – elven headmistress of the villegre girls school and head of the Lacunafex
  • Laria Longroad – owner of the Longroads and head of Kintargo’s Bellflower network
  • Shensen – famous opera diva and warrior priestess of the Dawnflower
  • Molly Mayapple – owner of the Seven Apples in Vyre and well-connected fixer
  • Manticce Kaleekii – rumored Queen of Delights, Vyres head diplomat and puissant witch
  • Jillia Bainilus – former Lord-Mayor of Kintargo and political exponent of Ravonel’s cessation
  • Zea – tiefling pickpocket and once member of the cloven hoof society in the Devils Nursery
  • Vendalfek – fairy dragon once lairing in the Angry Badger Tavern, now lost
  • Rexus Victocora – fallen noble scion and sorcerer, demagogue of the Ravens, now lost
  • Forvian Crow – smuggler, petty thief and initiate of Milari, old comrade of Laria
  • Korva – tengu rogue once of Riddleport, now in the employ of the Ravens
  • Anthannah Quhurill – aging elven druid and ruler of the Acisazi sea elves


  • Barzillai Thrune – infamous paracount, powerful inquisitor and now Lord-Mayor of Kintargo
  • Corinstian Grivenner – aging prelate of asmodeus, stern proponent of Church authority
  • Aluceda Zhol – elven high priestess of Zon-Kuthon and shadowy ambassador to Nidal
  • Kyrre Ekodyre – maralictor of the rack hellknights currently occupying Kintargo castle
  • Vannases Trex – duxotas of the Kintargo dottari and proponent of imperial control
  • Tombus Regegious – low noble and demagogue of the violent Chelish Citizens Group
  • Tiarise Izoni – mysterious magister and inquisitor in charge of Barzillai’s propaganda efforts


  • Setrona Sabinus – cousin of Octavio, busybody and owner of the Tooth & Nail Tavern
  • Chuko Sharpbeak – owner of the War Cage and retired adventurer
  • Eldonna Aulamaxa – archbaroness of Cypress Point, opera goer and retired cavalier
  • Sendi Vashnarstill – baron, scoundrel and noble of ill repute with ties to smuggling
  • Auxis Aulorian – count and belicous merchant lord of Kintargian river trade
  • Belcara Jarvis – baroness, architect and scholar of civil works wintering in Vyre
  • Canton Jhaltero – aging baron of Whiterock and merchant lord of Kintargian mining trade
  • Urora Sarini – countess, diabolist, currently at court in Egorian toading for favour
  • Zachrin Vhast – prelate of sheyln in Songbird Hall and retired adventurer
  • Melodia Delronge – archbaroness, imperial patriot and political meddler
  • Geoff Tanessen – count, humorless patriarch and supporter of the Kintargo military
  • Scourge Hellknight – impersonator of Kasston Auruda, investigator into Kintargian sedition
  • Ravzee – shiftless leader of the river talons gang, brother to Chuko
  • The Newt – unhinged gnome alchemist and criminal master of the Newt Market
  • Nandy Crissali – owner of Crissali’s Fine Tomes, powerful abjurer and friend to Rexus
  • Vespasio Vespam – owner of Vespam Artisans and supplier of powerful arcane wares


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