Night of Ashes

Days before he was due to accept the official appointment as Lord Mayor of Kintargo from Jillia Bainilus, Barzillai Thrune ordered the assassination or capture of several major figures known to be dissidents and out-spoken advocates for Kintargian independence. Evidenced by Jilia Bainilus herself who was condemned to vampiric thralldom on Barzillai’s order.


Barzillai Thrune has issues numerous whimsical and cruel proclamations that have undermined his popularity with the citizens of Kintargo, advocated sectarian violence within the city and attacked his political opponents.

Barzillai Thrune’s Appointment

All border cities not already under the sway of blood relatives of House Thrune where appointed members of that family with the aegis of martial law until the crisis with the Glorious Reclamation was dealt with, despite Kintargo being one of the most unpopular of these appointments, Barzillai Thrune accepted the post immediately.

The Ruby Massacre

Once aware of the threat the Silver Ravens posed, Barzillai Thrune organised an elaborate trap to shatter their popularity and eliminate hundreds of influential citizens in a bloodbath executed by devils disguised as agents of the Glorious Reclamation.

Barzillai Thrune’s Absence

Just a week after his arrival in Kintargo, Barzillai Thrune retired from public appearances for over a month, when he returned to announce the Ruby Masquerade he looked pale and ill, as if recovering from some great trauma.

Deepmar Requisitions

Notes found in the Records Hall indicate that shipments of the magical crystals harvested by convicts in the Deepmar Penal Colony have been diverted by agents of Barzillai Thrune from their intended destinations in the Chelish Heartlands and the conflict with the Glorious Reclamation, to somewhere unknown.

The Hearts Harvest

The cryptic orvian carvings found in the secure archives, etched in a dead language older than the age of legends speak of the mythical Genius Loci, vast pseudo-natural spirits capable of investing entire planes of existence and the dark sacrifices performed at the dawn of time associated with such beings. One particular diagram showing a bizarre insectile form with a single glyph over its thorax. The translation of the glyph is troublesome, amongst its possible meanings are ‘center’, ‘core’, ‘soul’, and ‘heart’ with the emphasis negated or reversed.

Devil Binding

Notes from the devil binding rituals found in the Records Hall indicate recent experimentation has been performed on both human and draconic subjects, passages from the Book of the Damned pepper these documents and it seems likely they were copied from an original source.

The Mephisto Manifestation

Fragments of a ritual found in the Records Hall have sections seemingly copied directly from the Book of the Damned, from what can be pieced together a diabolically complex ritual was being researched whereby a mortal might acquire a boon from an Archfiend of Hell.

Sacred Archivists Collection

Amongst the other dangerous artifacts the Sacred Archivists held, was a copy of the infamous Book of the Damned, last viewed several years past by a traveling scholar named Trailblazer Huni, this book was not with the other items recovered in the Opera House.

Notes of the Gray Guildmaster

The scrawled notes of the infernalist guild-master of the Gray Spiders indicated access to extracts from the Book of the Damned, which he believed there was a copy of somewhere in Kintargo.

The Last Spider

The only surviving member of the Gray Spiders, guildmistress Hei-Fen fled to Vyre after the Order of the Torrent crushed the guild, according to Molly Mayapple she has little love for any who have uncovered the secrets of her past and intends to return to Kintargo.

Pillars of Iron

10 iron pillars have been sited around the major market and gathering spots in Kintargo, none of which showed arcane properties before the rioting began. Since then they have radiated auras of despair, qwelling the emotions of those nearby. Through the source of this power is unknown, toppling them to the ground breaks the effect. It appears that each pillar has a thin core of silver.

The Scourges Suspicions

One of the feared Hellknights of the Scourge infiltrated the Silver Ravens in the guise of a Torrent armiger rescued from the Holding House, his mission to investigate sedition in the Duchy of Ravounel encompassing not only the Ravens but inquisitor Barzillai Thrune himself.

Sudden Departure

The man impersonating Kasston Auruda deliberately broke cover to inform the Ravens he was forced by recent events to abandon the investigation into Kintargian sedition and return to report to his Lictor. The Scourge Hellknights parting words suggested leniency might be exercised over the Ravens own crimes, if they provided the Order with hard evidence of Barzillai Thrune’s treason to the Chelish monarch.

Orders of the Rack

Details found in the Rack Hellknights contract drawn up with Lord Inquisitor Barzillai Thrune indicate that the Rack was responsible for setting up the Pillars of Iron in Kintargo, a test of a ritual known as the Pillars of Subsidence or the Thantic Pillars, a hazardous and proscribed arcane work capable of redirecting emotions to effect large groups of people.

Unnatural Weather

Strange weather patterns have manifested in Kintargo in the months since Barzillai Thrune took power, including heavy fogs that lasted almost 5 weeks after the Night of Ashes, since the Ruby Massacre this has only grown worse, blizzards have locked down the city, cutting off travel into and out of Kintargo and keeping its citizens off the streets.

Obscure Infestation

The exceedingly rare pseudo-dimensional vermin known as Slithering Pits are common in the lower levels of the Kintargian sewers and have grown more numerous in the months after Barzillai Thrune became Lord Mayor.

History of Hauntings

Kintargo has a long history of spiritual manifestations, haunts and other phantasmal undead, stretching back long before the founding of the city. This has been noted by a number of Kintargo’s spiritual leaders and seen by the Ravens in the Lucky Bones.

The Red Blade

An intelligent blade possessed one of the workers at Vespams Artisans and began to replicate gruesome murders associated with Professors Manguhune and the cult of Father Skinsaw.

The Devils Bells

The bells in what was once the Temple of Aroden now toll their dread note from Temple Hill at strange moments, recently they have tolled before or soon after events associated with the Opera House.


Lord Tombus Regegious is in receipt of substantial coin from Nidal since the first months of Barzillai Thrunes appointment as Lord Mayor. Whether a bribe, payment for services rendered, or meant some other darker purpose remains a mystery.

Umbral Alliances

Both Lord Regegious the poisonous orator of the Chelish Citizens and ruthless crimeboss of the Newt Market have been dealing with interests in Nidal and are suspected of working or for Ambassador Aluceda Zhol for some time.

The Nidalese Ambassador

The ambassador from Nidal and priestess of Zon-Kuthon, Aluceda Zhol is a vampire, who turned Jillia Bainilus on Barzillai Thrunes order. Despite this, Jillia found it remarkably easy to undermine the new Lord Mayors plans during the Ruby Massacre. Something which should not have been possible if her vampiric mistress had not allowed it.

Haunt Siphon Shipments

The Newt has been supplying the Nidalese embassy with shipments of haunt siphons, each a minor arcane device with the capacity to draw power and substance from the ethereal energy of Haunts.

Oddities in the Ethereal

The few times the Ravens have visited the ethereal, they have noticed a strange light visible in the distance, more recently this has also been accompanied by a deep resonant thumping. Katos recent experiences showed the scale of Kintargo’s imprint on the ethereal and the centuries of memories it holds.

The Reflected World

Passages from ‘The Mysterys of Salaur’ found in the Records Hall hint at what becomes from the mind when it is separated from the soul after death, before it is dissipated into the River of Souls. This included the means whereby a demi-plane might be created within the ethereal by ritual magic, in order to study the transition directly.

Adyton Powder

The Magister Tiarise Izonis rooms in the Records Hall were found to contain Adyton, an exceedingly rare arcane hallucinogen associated with the cult of Mahathallah, Dowager of Illusions, fallen Psychopomp and one of the Whore Queens of Hell.

Urban Oracle

After the catastrophic backlash of an arcane ritual stripped him of all arcane power and left him in a coma, Rexus found his soul bound to a well of spiritual power invested in the stones of Kintargo itself. While able to manifest occult power within the city limits, the once noble scion is unable to leave them, lest he fade away to nothing.

Silver In the Foundations

The silver-flecked stone quarried in the Menadors has given Kintargo its moniker, The Silver City. Many of the major buildings include some of the granite blocks as cladding. The Opera house in particular is almost exclusively made of Menador granite.

The Opera House

The Kintargo Opera house is a famed cultural icon throughout Cheliax, and during the decades of civil war following Aroden’s death formed the headquarters for the Silver Ravens. The documents recovered from those days all seem to indicate the buildings importance in the defense of the city.

Redacted Ravens

The original Silver Ravens history was redacted by agents of The Church so thoroughly that almost no trace remains in Kintargo, or the memory of its people. Almost fanatical care was taken to erase all traces of the Song of Silver, the arcane power wielded by the 5 original Ravens to protect their city from overwhelming odds. Now, only one of the first Ravens would know the song entire.

The Last Raven

Shensen’s decades long mission in Kintargo has revealed a startling truth. Jackdaw, the elven folk hero of Ravounel and leader of the Silver Ravens, did not vanish as even her closest friends believed. She was betrayed by her own supporters, turned over to House Thrune in exchange for sparing the rebellious city at the close of the civil war, and secretly imprisoned in the dungeons of Kintargo Keep.

Song of Silver

According to the notes found with the sheet music notations in the silver vault, the Song of Silver was a complex protective ritual that blended the power of bardic music with an obscure well of power embodied within the city itself. Its focal point being the symbolic and cultural heart of the city, the Kintargo Opera House. But without the lyrics, the ritual cannot be completed.

Suffer No Evil

The four cloaks found in the Redroof cache react with hostility to the presence of evil, many times warning the wearers when outsiders draw near. Once thwarting an attempt at possession by the malignant intelligence of the red blade.

Suffer No Harm

During the events of the Ruby Massacre the Ravens chose to save the trapped citizens from death, rather than flee and save themselves. The cloaks they wore responded, manifesting as a ghostly avian form with vast burning wings, and investing each of them with the power to fight outsiders.


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