Taking Back Kintargo

In order to liberate Kintargo, the Silver Ravens must undertake missions to erode Lord-Mayor Barzillai’s Authority Point total, with the goal of reducing his number points to 0.

Success Conditions:

  • Barzillai Thrune is captured or killed
  • Barzillai Thrune is reduced to 0 authority points
  • All districts of Kintargo are controled by the rebellion

Should any of these occur, House Thrunes hold over Kintargo is broken and all districts revert to Rebellion control.

Failure Conditions:

  • Barzillai Thrune’s authority points remain 100+ for 1 week
  • The rebellion loses more than 1/2 its supporters
  • More than 1/4th of Kintargo’s population is killed

Should any of these occur, the rebellions support collapses and all districts revert to Thrune control.

6-7 city districts begin under Thrune control

  • Castle Kintargo
  • Jarvis End
  • Temple Hill
  • Redroof
  • Yolubilis Harbor
  • The Greens

1-2 city districts begin under Raven control

  • Old Kintargo
  • Villegre

‘Troop’ tokens to indicate the armed forces that oppose you in this area. The rebellion can gain ‘Mob’ tokens through undertaking Missions, Events and the Leadership feat. Each district may also have one of the Lord-Mayors major allies present, these represent major threats the Ravens must deal with themselves. Taking a district requires both the removal of any Thrune allies within the district, and an equal or greater number of Mob tokens than Troop tokens in the district.

Mob or Troop tokens can be modified with ‘Arms’ tokens, each Arms token on a Mob or Troop increases the number of opposing Mob or Troop tokens needed to overcome it. Arms can be gained once per day from Castle Kintargo and the War Cage and allocated to Troop or Mob tokens in the Castle or Youlublis Harbor districts. Caches created by the rebellion action ‘secure cache’ can also act as a single use Arms token. If there are an equal number of Mob and Troop tokens in a district, a Loyalty check (DC half of current authority points) is required in order to secure victory. Regardless of the outcome remove an equal number of Mob and Troop tokens from the district as fought there at the end of the day, and reduce Kintargo’s total population by 1d10 per token removed in this manner.

Districts can be retaken from the Rebellion in similar fashion. In the event of a equal numbers of Mob to Troop tokens, a Security check (DC half of the current authority points) is required in order to secure victory. Mob and Troop tokens can move freely between controlled districts. Moving Mobs through uncontrolled districts requires a Secrecy check (DC half the current authority points) to succeed. Failure indicates a conflict takes place as above.

Each time the rebellion establishes control over another district, the Ravens must select an ally as a leader to help manage things in the newly freed district. As long as this ally remains active as the district’s leader, Barzillai Thrune’s maximum possible Authority Point total drops by 10. This ally can no longer provide any ally benefits to the rebellion or accompany the PCs while overseeing a district.

On Shopping & Supplies:

Until shops are within a district the Ravens control, they cannot be accessed. Shops within the a district the Ravens control require a Loyalty check (DC half of the current authority points) in order to buy and sell with the rebellion.

Taking Back Kintargo

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