With time, caution, effort of your men and loyalty of your supporters, not to mention some gold to grease the wheels; the Lucky Bones can be returned to its former glory as a hideout of near-do-wells.

There are several areas suited to only one use, and others that have potential to become one of several distinct rooms. Each provided a passive and active benefit to the rebellion.


Earnings per week (gp) = 2d20+22

  • Up to 8 allys can stay within the lucky bones.
  • +7 to Craft (alchemy) checks.
  • Watercraft can dock and be repaired within the lucky bones.
  • +1 to Diplomacy, Bluff & Intimidate when giving speeches.
  • Teams can gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls & morale checks.
  • Characters can gain a +2 bonus to two skill checks.
  • Up to 24 captives can be kept secure in the lucky bones.

Existing Rooms:

Set Piece Rooms:

Variable Rooms:


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