Many different factions call Kintargo home, but those summarized below have the strongest role to play in the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path.

Bellflower Network: Possibly Kintargo’s oldest secret society, the Bellflower Network always used the city’s lax attitude toward smuggling to ferry halfling slaves to freedom in Varisia. The network has largely abandoned Kintargo in the wake of Barzillai Thrune’s arrival.

Chelish Citizens’ Group: This small core of Chelish loyalists resent Kintargo’s disrespect for House Thrune and proper Chelish values, and act as informants for the government. They are led by Tombus Regegious, a distant descendant of Kintargo’s fist lord-mayor. Their aid has been instrumental in helping Barzillai Thrune settle into his new role as lord-mayor.

Church of Asmodeus: Kintargo’s church of Asmodeus has long played a background role in the city, never far from the minds of its citizens, yet rarely intervening in local politics. With martial law imposed, those days are over, and today, high priest Corinstian Grivenner works hand in hand with Barzillai Thrune to aid in keeping the “peace” in the city

Court of Coin: Noble families orchestrate most of Kintargo’s mercantile and entertainment venues. These nobles gather in a group known as the Court of Coin. This order—many of whom are exiled families from the civil war—generally have Kintargo’s best interests at heart, but have long struggled against internal strife and corruption.

House Thrune: The current leader of Kintargo is Paracount Barzillai Thrune, a man with one foot in Cheliax’s government and the other in its church. Barzillai has selected the Kintargo Opera House as his home away from home. He is served by a small army of devils, hand-selected inquisitors, loyal soldiers, an up-and-coming bodyguard named Nox and a well-paid mercenary arcane advisor named Zella Zidlii.

Kintargo Dottari: Headquartered in Castle Kintargo, Kintargo’s city guard underwent a thorough scouring under Barzillai Thrune’s inquisitions. Most of the Dottari commanders were replaced by loyal soldiers brought by Thrune, including the new leader, Duxotas Vannases Trex, who demands absolute and unquestioning compliance from her officers. The Dottari keep a small set of barracks and meeting halls in Castle Kintargo, but the bulk of their armories, barracks, and the like can be found in the city wall’s numerous bunker-like towers.

Order of the Rack: A platoon of Hellknights from the Order of the Rack have been sent to aid Barzillai Thrune.This group is led by one of the order’s most accomplished paralictors, a woman named Kyrre Ekodyre. The Order of the Rack has been granted full run of Castle Kintargo to use as their base of operations

Order of the Torrent: The smallest active Hellknight order, the Order of the Torrent maintains a small lodge in the Castle District that goes by the incongruous title of “Citadel Vaull.” Barzillai Thrune wastes no time in replacing these hellknights with his own force, a contingent of Hellknights from the Order of the Rack.

Rose of Kintargo: Though Milani cults operate throughout Cheliax, most meet with little success in the face of the entrenched Asmodean Inquisition. Nevertheless, the Rose of Kintargo persists in the city.

Sacred Order of Archivists: Established originally by the church of Irori, the Sacred Order of Archivists’ original charge was to fiht against House Thrune’s policy of redacting and revising the nation’s history. The order has spread throughout the Inner Sea region today, disseminating its resources far and wide.


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