Well-prepared parties include members capable of healing, but in some cases the PCs might find themselves in need of arranging for supplementary healing, particularly if a member is afflicted by something beyond the capability of one of their own to cure. Several of the allies the PCs recruit to the Silver Ravens are spell-casters, and as a general rule, these allies don’t charge the PCs for healing services.

Another option, of course, is to seek out a spellcaster in Kintargo’s general population. Unfortunately, with Barzillai Thrune in charge of the city, the Church of Asmodeus grows increasingly powerful and prevalent. Spellcasting services from the Church of Asmodeus cost the standard amount, but each time the PCs pay for these services, the rebellion’s Notoriety score increases by 1. Spellcasting purchased from the church of Zon-Kuthon increases the rebellion’s Notoriety score by 1, and also comes with a 10% price increase.

Spellcasting from the House of Golden Veils (the church of Abadar) does not increase the rebellion’s Notoriety score, but its clergy can cast only spells of up to 3rd level. Finally, the church of Shelyn at Songbird Hall can provide spellcasting services of up to 4th level with no increase to the rebellion’s Notoriety score, but until the PCs can convince its high priest they oppose Thrune, he increases the price of his services by 20%.

Securing arcane spellcasting services is less complex. A PC who succeeds at a DC 15 Knowledge (local) check can suggest the Alabaster Academy. Its headmaster Iylvana Desdoros can provide 4th-level and lower arcane spellcasting (cast either by her or from by a professor or a student), but as with the temple of Shelyn, she inflates her prices by 20% until she’s certain the PCs seek to better Kintargo’s future.


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